Liquid Bromine Technical Specification :
I.S. : 2142-1992 (second revision)

Description :
A dark reddish brown fuming liquid of a highly irritating odour.

Application of Liquid Bromine :
1. Use to produce bromine compounds, pharmaceutical industries.
2. Pestiside industries etc.

Packing Available :
3 kgs and 3.5 kgs glass bottles in packing of 3 bottle case as well as 6 bottle cases.

Sr. Characteristics Requirements  
1. Bromine, percent by mass, Min 98.5
2. Chlorine (as Cl,) percent by mass 0.5 Max.
3. Non-volatile matter, percent by mass 0.05, Max
4. Iodine (as I), percent by mass 0.05 Max
5. Sulphates (as SO4), percent by mass, 0.015 Max
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